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plural noun: lies

  1. an intentionally false statement.”they hint rather than tell outright lies“Similar:untruthfalsehoodfibfabricationdeceptionmade-up storytrumped-up storyfake newsinventionpiece of fictionfictionfalsificationfalsityfairy story/talecock and bull storybarefaced lie(little) white liehalf-truthexaggerationprevaricationdeparture from the truthalternative factyarnstoryred herringfablemythflight of fancyfigment of the imaginationpretencepretextshammisinformationdisinformationperjurydissimulationmendacitygossippropagandatall storytall talewhopperporkypork pieporky pieterminological inexactitudeView 2 vulgar slang wordsOpposite:truthfact
    • used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression.”all their married life she had been living a lie

This the ‘Lie’ I got when I Googled. So what does a lie means in actual in a humans life, there are many lies said by person to another person. Is it good or Bad ? Lets see.

Lies can be said in many ways, some for good some for bad. So should we lie??? what do you think about lying.?

Here are some concept of lying.

Is lying a sin? If it brings Happiness in Someone’s Life. Which one of your Lies, you really want to change. A Lie that can change the world to a better one, would you?? There are many queries in my mind about lies, hope you have too, I know lying is bad but sometimes it brings good in this world don’t you all agree, I guess lying is a term that gives us a chance to change or to deceive someone. To make someone’s life happier or to make someone’s living hell, it can apply on ourselves too, by lying to others the consequences we have to bear. So, is lying GOOD or BAD, please let me know?

Thankyou. Keep smiling.

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