Education is the transmission of knowledge, skills, and character traits. 

Hi, Today I want to talk about Education, Not the one we get in school. I mean I want to talk about Education we receive from life. How it change some one’s life if they take it in a right way and pass it on. So lets Start. EDUCATION is a term for “The transmission of knowledge, skills, and character” that we learn from the starting point of life to the end. It is the cycle of TAKING-GIVING-APPLYING.

1)Education we receive from Life.

  • The moment we are born, we receive our first lesson, ‘To Cry’ which becomes the way of sharing or the way of communication, with our parents and people around us.
  • The second lesson we receive is, ‘To Smile’. (The moments when my Mom tickles me, it still makes me smile, though I don’t remember the feeling).
  • The third lesson we receive is ‘Pain’ , the pain we felt when we try to take our first step, and we fall.
  • The fourth lesson we receive is ‘to Overcome and Move forward’, the moment we fall from our first step, we do it again and again until we are able to walk on our two little feet.
  • The fifth lesson we receive is, ‘ to Trust’, the trust or faith we built for our parents, the trust that they will leave us alone no matter what.
  • The sixth lesson we receive is ‘Betrayal’, the moment when my Mom left me alone at school/hostel with all those unknown people ,(Ah… still hate it ,I cried for whole day).

And the Top of all and most important lesson ‘LOVE‘, to love or being loved. its the most beautiful lesson of human life so don’t forget it.

2)Education as a weapon

Education can be turned into a weapon, it can create Devils or an Angels. A wrong lesson of life, can turn this world to a worst place, with full of lies, hates and wars….. No one wants it right.! So be careful of what you are receiving and Giving. But a right lesson can turn it to a wonderful place with all the beautiful souls, where we can live in peace and harmony.

3)No One is uneducated.

So, now we can say that no one is uneducated, Everyone is educated , even if you go to school or not, well school is just a chapter from our life’s Book or might be just a topic.( it doesn’t mean that you should stop going to school, it has its own importance in life). But remember, a real Educated person are those who learn the whole lessons of life and applies it and passes it forward in a right way and in a right manner.

Well this is my view on Education ,Hope you like it.

THANKYOU.( Don’t forget you are an Educated person). Keep smiling.

There’s always an Other side.

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